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Without being perfect, we are constantly seeking to improve our practices. So :


Within our firm:

  • We have adopted and integrated in our statutes the principles of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) ;

  • Thanks to our priority commitment to impact companies, our company is recognized as a social utility company (ESUS label) ;

  • Our employees benefit from working time that respects their personal and family life. They are associated with the firm's performance through a profit-sharing agreement ;

  • We are avoiding the use of plastic for beverages and practicing selective sorting ;

  • We encourage the use of reconditioned equipment (eg. photocopier) ;

  • The electricity we consume comes from a French supplier of 100% renewable energy.


Towards our customers:

  • Our firm acts independently, free from conflicts of interest ;

  • We grant our customers, when they are young entrepreneurs in the sustainable development sector, significant reductions on the fees ;

  • We support our customers over the long term, being available is at the heart of our quality of service.


For the general interest:

  • We are involved in several associations, such as CNCEF France M&A, Finance for tomorrow or the creation of the French Center for Impact Investment ;

  • Pierre-Jean Gaudel is Vice-President of CNCEF France M&A and member of its Ethics and Quality commission. He is in particular co-author of its ethics code. He also chairs its Sustainable Financing commission and co-leads the working group of Finance for tomorrow dedicated to supporting companies in impact financing ;

  • Pierre-Jean Gaudel and Romain-Xavier Tabot chaired a working group in charge of writing a guide to good practices in M&A ;

  • Pierre-Jean Gaudel and Julie Lauré chaired a working group in charge of writing a guide to impact investing ;

  • We annually share the results of our study on the valuation of impact startups ;

  • The firm annually transfers part of its results to a general interest association.

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