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M&A advice and financial expertise serving sustainable projects that create value

Colibri Advisory is a human-sized firm supporting entrepreneurs and companies whose activity has a strong and positive impact on the environment and people. We support them in their M&A operations: transfer, merger, acquisition or fundraising with investors who share their convictions. We offer our financial and CSR expertise to their managers and shareholders.


Our firm respects the principles of the social and solidarity economy (SSE), which are integrated into its statutes. Our raison d'être affirms our priority commitment to serving companies with a positive social or environmental impact, while ensuring that we ourselves have a responsible development. 

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Serving our clients and the general interest


Rather than the race for growth and turnover, we favor proximity with our customers and the quality of a well done job at all times. Our positioning ensures a total independence and precludes any conflict of interest, allowing us to place the interest of our clients as our top priority under any circumstances.

Our firm is a human-scale structure which supports many companies in their mergers and acquisitions operations or in their fundraising operations with an annual high success rate.


Our firm has worked on the creation of a body dedicated to impact investment and Pierre-Jean Gaudel chairs the Sustainable Financing commission of our professional association.


We regularly advise companies of all sizes operating in the sustainable development sector. When it comes to young companies, for example wishing to raise funds, we offer them reduced fees to help them.


We accompany our clients with loyalty and pedagogy, from the beginning to the end of the transaction, and even beyond in the event of post-transaction litigation. 


We promote good professional practice: we coordinated the drafting of the guide to good practice in M&A and the guide to impact investing. Pierre-Jean Gaudel is also a member of the Ethics and Quality commission of our professional association.


Our hummingbird is tricolor because we believe in France, land of economic initiatives. We work mainly for French family companies and French entrepreneurs. We help them find funding for sustainable investment in France.


We encourage our clients to connect with other French companies when it suits their interests, and we help them grow internationally.

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Our multidisciplinary teams meet your needs in financial advice.



We support all your M&A operations

Colibri Advisory offers a complete M&A advice service to French and international companies, to their shareholders and to their executives; including identification of targets or investors, financial and strategic analysis, management of due diligences, review of the business plan and price negotiation. The firm is also a property transactions advisor and holder of the property transactions’ professional card n°7501 2018 000 034 561 delivered by the CCI Paris Ile-de-France. We ensure that operations take place in the best conditions, in accordance with the culture of the company and with the values of our client.



We are acting for your growth

After analysing your strategy, your business plan and your need in financing, we support you in your fundraising operation. Among the hundreds of investors that we know, we identify those who are likely to be interested by your fundraising operation and we contact them in accordance with your confidentiality policy. Then we are at your side for the negotiations until the closing of the transaction. Depending upon the situation, we can contact private investors, family-offices, investments funds, or industrial investors if appropriate.


An expertise dedicated to your projects

Our firm provides its clients with firms’ financial valuations or intangible assets valuations through various circumstances, such as the purchase of a minority stake or an acquisition project. Our valuations can also intervene in a fiscal context (intra-group disposal, inter vivos distribution...).

We also provide litigation support for the damage assessment: in demand or in defence with the counter-expertise of the valuation report of the opposing party. Our partner Pierre-Jean Gaudel is a justice expert at the appeal court of Paris and at the administrative courts of appeal of Paris and Versailles.



Targeted audits, governance advisory, monitoring of CSR indicators

Colibri Advisory supports its clients into targeted audit missions, preparation for merger or contribution of assets or to help them improve their governance rules, in particular in terms of internal control procedures and management of risks related to external growth. We are also helping them to set up dashboards for monitoring financial and CSR indicators.

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The leaders of the firm

The quality of our teams is our main asset, we are always looking for new talents. There is no typical profile to join us and we expect the candidates to have a good financial culture, to share our values, to demonstrate a keen sense of investment in the service of others, and to show their adaptability to various contexts. Fluency in English is mandatory. Your applications, CV and cover letter should be sent by email to

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Founding and Managing Partner

Specialized in M&A and financial expertise, Pierre-Jean founded the firm in 2008. He is Vice-president of our professionnal association (CNCEF France M&A) and participates in several initiatives in favour of impact investment.

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Romain-Xavier joined Colibri Advisory in 2015 and  leads the teams involved in fundraising, transmission and financial expertise.



Senior project manager

Julie joined Colibri Advisory in 2018; she regularly advises startups in their fundraising operations and also intervenes in M&A operations.

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Project manager

Pierre joined Colibri Advisory in 2019; he is now project manager, mainly related to fundraising for startups


For privacy reasons, we don’t wish to publish the names of our clients on our website. We provide examples of our missions carried out over the past two years below. Please contact us for further information.

Our main references concern the areas of luxury, aerospace, new technologies (apps, connected objects...), medical and food industries, often with a sustainable development component. On average, our firm intervenes each year in a dozen M&A transactions in buying, selling or fundraising operation.

  • Support of several start-ups, operating in the sustainable development economy, in their fundraising with private investors providing financial resources and advice

  • Advice to a French group, specialised in the food industry, on its first international acquisition in Southern Europe

  • Financial advice for the creation of a Cooperative Workers' Society ("SCOP") in the construction sector

  • Assistance for the intra-family transfer of a food company

  • Support of a French company, specializing in the circular economy, in its merger with a financial and industrial partner

  • Support of a green energy company in its sale with a new investor

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Strong involvement in several associations and expert networks 

We are involved within different professional associations and work with a network of foreign M&A professionals when necessary.

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We are always ready to listen to you. The applications (for internship or full-time jobs) can be addressed to


12, avenue du président Wilson, 75116 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 58 36 56 80

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